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Too much mental pressure can lead to the condition that most people will know as Stress. Stress can lead to the condition Anxiety which in turn can lead to Depression and ultimately more complex mental health conditions. People suffering from Stress, Anxiety and Depression will often present with physical symptoms, in fact the Royal College of Psychiatry estimates that up to 40% of medical investigations could be avoided if mental health was first considered as a cause of symptoms.

Caer Health recognise that Mental Health and Wellbeing are as important as Physical Health and Wellbeing and are offering a number of services to help individuals and employers identify and address mental ill health:

  1. Individual support counselling. Caer Health has a Lead Counsellor and a number of Associate Counsellors who can provide one to one support for individuals suffering from Stress, Anxiety and/or Depression. Caer Health Counsellors are fortunate to have access to Medical Advisors so that combined psychological and medical treatments can be designed and suggested. All Caer Health Counsellors deliver a service that conforms to the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy Ethical Framework and are qualified to a minimum of Post Graduate Level.
  1. Stress Management advice to individuals, managers, supervisors. Presentations to groups tailor-made to individual business requirements.
  1. Stress awareness seminars to groups designed to help individuals, managers and supervisors to recognise the early signs of Stress, Anxiety and Depression based on the premise that early intervention will, in most cases, reduce the impact of the conditions.
  1. Caer Health have access to Mindfulness Practitioners and Trainers and can arrange “taster” 2 hour sessions for groups and/or individuals or 8 week courses (one 3 hour session per week).
  1. Trauma can cause an adverse reaction to individuals and lead to compromised mental health. Caer Health has personnel who are trained to identify persons at risk subsequent to Traumatic events and advise suitable treatments.