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Businesses have legal, and moral obligations for managing Health & Safety effectively, but there are also major financial benefits in terms of protecting yourself against the constant rise in litigation both criminal and civil, reducing or at least maintaining your insurance premium.

The Law recognises that the issues are large and have a broad spectrum which is why there is a legal requirement for companies to have suitably competent people either within the company or employed externally to deal with Health & Safety, much as you would employ an accountant because they are specialists in their field.

In addition to your legal obligation you also have a moral obligation; you have a duty of care to ensure that your employees have the safest possible environment to work in. To reduce as far as possible the risk of injury and ill health, you also have a duty of care to visitors and members of the public.

How can we help?

  • We can provide the Health & Safety expertise referred to above.
  • We can review what you already have in place and recommend expansion or improvement if required.
  • We can assist in the setting up of easily managed monitoring and control systems

In addition we can assist you with:

  • Risk assessments and train your staff to carry them out
  • Safe working procedures
  • Assist in accident investigation and reporting system
  • Assist in the identification of training needs and the provision of training courses

  • Assist in your liaison with the “Health & Safety Executive”
  • Assist in the liaison with your insurance companies in the event of a claim for injury against the company
  • Audits