Handy tips for preventing the spread of the flu virus

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Handy tips for preventing the spread of the flu virus

Handy Tips for preventing the spread of the flu virus in your workplace!


Its that time of year again, Winter is just around the corner and the coughs and colds will be doing their usual rounds.

We can all shake off a common cough and cold but its the flu virus that isn’t that easy to shake off!! It also has the ability to spread through a workplace like wild fire !!

Our occupational health nurses have put together some handy tips on how to prevent the spread of flu within your workplace.


  • Good Hand Hygiene is really important, especially in well populated areas. If washing with soap and warm water is not possible a hand gel works just as well.


  • Encourage (& provide if you can) tissues on each desk or work area with waste bins within easy accessibility.


  • If there is Air conditioning be mindful of ‘unwell’ employees potentially spreading the infection.


  • Putting up information in key areas reminding staff of the above and how easily it is transferred.


  • Encourage a healthy balanced diet including vitamins and minerals (Vitamin C and zinc are very good for boosting the immune system).


  • Stop smoking, reduce alcohol and increase exercise too as all have an effect on immunity…..

Further resources are available at http://www.nhs.uk/Conditions/Flu/Pages/Prevention.aspx

Flu vaccines are available at Caer Health, please contact us for further information and prices. mailto:enquiries@caerhealth.co.uk


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    Great tips, everyone should give this a read!

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