Its official … Walking beats the gym!!

Walking beats the gym!! Its official, brisk walking is the most effective way to stay slim!!! Studies have found that brisk walking is better than expensive fitness sessions and swimming. Speedy strollers are about 4.5 lb lighter and women are almost a dress size smaller than gym-goers said experts at the London School of Economics. This [...]

Nice Guidelines for improving health & wellbeing in the workplace

We are a Occupational Health provider in Cardiff and the surrounding area and wanted to share the "NICE" guidelines for improving health & wellbeing in the workplace These guideline (published: 24 June 2015) makes recommendations on improving the health and wellbeing of employees, with a particular focus on organisational culture and context, and the role [...]

Ebola: Should employers prepare??

The World Health Organisation has advised that the introduction of Ebola into the West is unlikely, given the sophisticated health systems in place. So far, the message is “don’t panic”. However, some commentators predict that an Ebola outbreak in the UK may occur at some point, and so should employers be thinking about what control [...]

CONSTRUCTION DUST – Is it getting in your lungs??

CONSTRUCTION DUST Construction workers are at significant risk from breathing in dust. If left unmanaged this can lead to permanent disability and premature death. Currently over 500 construction workers are believed to die each year as a result of exposure to silica dust alone.  However the diseases associated with construction dust exposure develop over a [...]

Recommended Occupational Health Services for Winter 2014-15

As occupational health professionals it is our job to advise on the best occupational health services for Employers and their employees. Flu Vaccinations Winter will shortly be with us and hot on its heels will be the dreaded Flu Virus!!! Don't let this become a major headache this Winter - Immunise your employees - Caer [...]

UK employees are still pulling sickies

One-third of British workers admits to having “pulled a sickie”, according to research by professional services firm PwC. The cost to UK businesses of these unauthorised days off is around £9 billion per year, a sizeable portion of the £23 billion per year that sickness absence costs as a whole. The most popular reasons for [...]