Digital Inclusion & Accessibility| Recite Me Recite Me - The web experience your customers want (subtitled) Everyone’s life is touched by technology – software and hardware are all around us and are an integral part of our daily activities. We believe technology ha... Read more...   Caer Health Services is pleased to announce the integration of accessibility and digital inclusion [...]

Its official … Walking beats the gym!!

Walking beats the gym!! Its official, brisk walking is the most effective way to stay slim!!! Studies have found that brisk walking is better than expensive fitness sessions and swimming. Speedy strollers are about 4.5 lb lighter and women are almost a dress size smaller than gym-goers said experts at the London School of Economics. This [...]


Caerphilly based Occupational Health specialists Caer Health outline the importance of cancer screening for employees. One of the top health risks to employees is cancer. It's up there on the list with mental health, musculoskeletal disorders and heart problem. Age is a huge factor in your likelihood of getting cancer. Whilst it's obviously possible for [...]

Occupational health research round-up: August 2015 – From Personnel Today

This month’s round-up of recently published occupational health research studies looks at occupational therapists experiencing musculoskeletal injuries, stress in the working environment and chronic heart disease rehabilitation.  OTs and musculoskeletal disorders Almost a quarter of occupational therapy (OT) practitioners experienced musculoskeletal injuries over the course of a 12-month working period, according to a study of practising therapists in Texas. Muscle strain was [...]

Nice Guidelines for improving health & wellbeing in the workplace

We are a Occupational Health provider in Cardiff and the surrounding area and wanted to share the "NICE" guidelines for improving health & wellbeing in the workplace These guideline (published: 24 June 2015) makes recommendations on improving the health and wellbeing of employees, with a particular focus on organisational culture and context, and the role [...]

Maximising your Occupational Health Services Reports – Its all in the quality of the referral!

We have been in contact with numerous companies around Cardiff who feel let down by their occupational health providers because of the quality of the reports. Common complaints are "Reports do not give me the answers that I wanted" , "Reports do not give me enough information" or "reports are too generic" This is unfortunately very common but [...]

Essential Tips and Skills for a modern workplace workshop – Free to attend!

Essential tips and skills for a modern workplace workshop. Following on from the success of our last event, we are delighted to announce that our next event is on 23rd June 2015 at the University of South Wales This workshop is designed for HR and management professionals and covers pertinent topics that we face within [...]

Email Epidemic – Bad for Health and Productivity

Email Epidemic - Bad for Health and Productivity ???   How did we all cope before VPN links, wireless networks and mobile phones ?? Yes that's it, we left work at the end of the working day, enjoyed some social and family time and then returned the next working day fresh and revitalised for the days work ahead. [...]